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September 26th

AR in eCommerce

Augmented reality is drastically transforming the way we market and sell by opening up new opportunities to create memorable brand interactions and rich shopping experiences. AR blurs the boundaries between online and offline and most importantly does so natively - through a smartphone.
Thanks to this nativity and convenience, it is estimated that 100 million consumers will shop in AR and 120,000 stores will be using AR technology by 2020. During the webinar we will take a closer look at the technology behind AR and its practical application in online retail.


by Mina Litvinova

Cross platform service enabling AR on most popular mobile devices:

Just open a created link via mobile web browser or social apps in your device and try AR



Android Chrome





Why do you need AR in e - retail business?




More than
11X the dwell

1 million

will shop in AR
by 2020

120 000

Stores will be
using AR technology
by 2022

24ar helps shoppers

Increase buying confidence

Help shoppers get a truer sense of the size, scale, and detail of your products

Bring your
products to life

Use new technology to showcase realistic, interactive versions of your products.


Give shoppers on iOS 12 the ability to turn any environment into their own show room.

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